January 26 is a date that holds a heavy cultural and emotional load on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Culture is Life believes in the voices of our young people and the power of creative expression for healing and creating change. We acknowledge the guidance of our Elders who have and continue to advocate with love and belief in a better future.

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"I encourage you to truly learn the ancestral story of this country. The advocacy, the determination, the survival, the practices, the intelligence. We as a country should love that we are a part of that." - Belinda Duarte (Wotjobaluk and Dja Dja Wurrung), CEO of Culture is Life

The Australian Dream is a theatrical feature documentary that uses the remarkable and inspirational story of AFL legend Adam Goodes as the prism through which to tell a powerful story about race, identity and belonging.

The Australian Dream resources can support students in their everyday lives, helping them to be more understanding and aware in the hopes to create a more inclusive nation for all peoples.

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Pete shares his lived experience working in education and his responsibility to his community.

How can we ensure young people are connected and learn from Country at an early age?

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Congratulations to the 2023 Fullaship Program on their graduation this week! πŸŽ“ Big mob love to all the facilitators, mentors, family, friends and supporters of our work who came along to celebrate πŸ₯³ 

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We are so excited to be a part of HackGames 2024 today thanks to @mi.academy πŸ‘Ύ

We are grateful to have been invited to join some of Australia's top retailers to network, ideate and bring some new and exciting ideas back into our work.πŸ†

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Day two of the final 2023 Fullaship Program intensive in LUTRUWITA with Guyala Bayles! Big mob love to @honeychildscreole for the feed. πŸ–€
Join us next Tuesday for a young, Blak and deadly evening featuring 25-year-old Gomeroi artist Kobie Dee and Miss First Nation: Supreme Queen and graduate of the Fullaship Program 2022, Cerulean, with a big mob feed by Mabu Mabu. πŸ–€

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β€œAn important part of my role in schools is being able to connect young people to their culture.” - Peter Dye (Wemba Wemba), Koori Education Support Worker in the south-east of Melbourne.

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🎬 Series by @blackfellafilms
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You are invited to a celebration of the Fullaship Program of 2023! πŸ’Œ

Join us for a young, Blak and deadly evening featuring Kobie Dee and Cerulean, with food by Mabu Mabu. πŸ–€

Places are limited so get in quick! ⏰ #Linkinbio
Aunty Vicki Clarke is a Mutti Mutti and Wemba Wemba woman, who has worked tirelessly to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal children and youth πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŽ“ Here she tells us about her school experience vs her cultural learning πŸ–€

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#TheAustralianWars #HealOurHistory #Education

🎬 Series by @blackfellafilms
πŸ“Ί Watch #TheAustralianWars on @sbs_australia
πŸ–₯️ Teach the series with our education resources
❀️ In partnership with @blackfellafilms and @sharkislandinstitute