Culture is Life are honoured to announce the release of the First Weapons education resources, in partnership with Blackfella Films and ABC.

There is something truly inspiring when we gain greater understanding of breadth of knowledge that has informed the oldest living culture in the world. First Weapons is a gift to us all.

We thank the brilliant minds behind the series and the Elders past and present for their knowledge, brave resistance, love, strength and generosity in sharing these practices.

The cultural knowledge that has shaped the creation of these weapons, coupled with western science and the stories of our fierce warriors provides evidence of the use of some of the most sophisticated knowledge systems and skills lead by the oldest living culture in the world.

About the Series

First Weapons explores the history and innovation behind the weapons used by First Nations peoples for thousands of years. The six part series by Blackfella Films and ABC is an action-packed adventure across Australia to reveal the science and genius of our most ancient, innovative, and deadliest First Weapons!

For tens of thousands of years First Nations peoples have used savvy, skill and science to craft and create weapons to hunt, kill and survive. Practices have evolved but the principles are just as relevant today.

Host Phil Breslin sets out an action-packed adventure across Australia. From Wadi Wadi lands in Victoria to the central desert in the Northern Territory. From South Australia to the Bass Strait and onto the lands of the Menang Noongar people in Western Australia, Phil visits Country and meets the weapon makers. A journey to places of rich culture and unending history.

He learns through the inherent knowledge of the weapon makers. How each weapon is sourced and crafted before facing a crash course in combat. A celebration of craftsmanship, ingenuity, and bravery.

The Contributors

First Weapons is a gift to the world that we thank the brilliant minds behind the series and the Elders past and present for their knowledge, resistance, love, strength and generosity.The cultural knowledge shared in the creation of these weapons, coupled with western science, and the stories of our fierce warriors provides evidence of what makes the oldest living culture in the world! It is an honour to write the resources to connect teachers and students with Aboriginal sciences, cultures and stories, through the minds and hearts of First Nations writers, directors, producers and knowledge holders.

These Resources

Lead Resources Writer: Thara Brown
Resources Writer: Jaynaya Winmar
Resources Writer: Belinda Duarte
Resources Designer: Sofii McKenzie-Kirkbright

The Series
Blackfella Films, Inkey Media, ABC, Screen Australia, Screen Queensland
Presenter: Phil Breslin
Written by Dena Curtis & Jacob Hickey
Director: Dean Gibson
Producers: Dena Curtis and Darren Dale
Executive Producer: Jacob Hickey
Weapons Makers: Moogy Sumner, John Duggie, Frank Holmes, Donald Thompson, Casey Holmes,
Brendan Kennedy, Trevor Kirby, Larry Blight, David mangenner Gough and Joseph Williams.
Scientists: Dr Veronica Gray, Dr Adam Griffin, Dr Carney Matheson, Dr Conrad Stacey, Dr Laura
Diamond, David John Saxby, and Renee Wootten,
Challenge Guests: Rudi Browning, Juan Bustamante, Daryl White, Josh Lalor, Mitch Argent, Alexandra
Roberts, Corey Anderson and Tyr’s Warriors.

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