Bidhi Galing is a picture story book inspired by Anita Heiss’ award winning novel Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray, so children, educators and families can share and learn from this important piece of Australian history together. Culture is Life are proud to have developed the accompanying education resources for Bidhi Galing in collaboration with Lead Writer, Shelley Ware.

Bidhi Galing is a beautiful and captivating story based on true events of the flood plains of Gundagai shared through the life of the main character Wagadhaany. This stunning picture story book pays tribute to the heroes Yarri and Jacky Jacky who saved many people from the Great Flood of 1852 in Gundagai.

All of the work and words within Anita Heiss’ novel Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray which led to Bidhi Galing, embody some of the values of the Wiradyuri people Anita thinks of when she writes about herngurambang (Country); values of yindyamarra (respect), murrumbang (love), ngumbadal (unity) and winhangagigilanha (caring for each other).

Wiradyuri values are about the community, not the individual, and when you look at the Wiradyuri word ‘ngumambinya’ (trust for help) it reminds us to rely on others for what is needed. To trust in reciprocity – and that you receive what you need when you need it, and when you are ready for it. And then you are in a place to give back to community, to others.

We hope Bidhi Galing and curriculum aligned education resources will encourage you to learn more about your local history, and the Aboriginal language of your own area, and moving forward incorporate this knowledge into your everyday life. Anita Heiss worked in consultation with her elders and senior cultural advisors when writing the novel Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray which inspired this version of the story.

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The national helpline for First Nations people is fielding a record number of calls, with many who reach out telling crisis counsellors that they are experiencing racism and abuse as a result of the Indigenous Voice to parliament debate.

13YARN national program manager Aunty Marj Anderson said that crisis workers were reporting that their callers felt unsafe and were struggling to “carry the load”.

“Racism, and the nastiness with the debate is really impacting on an already traumatised community,” Anderson said.

“In the past three weeks especially, with the cultural load from the debate, people are telling us there is a rise in racism they are experiencing..."

❤️ If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 000 immediately. For more help, call 13YARN on 13 92 76.

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